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Canada Post Franchise

Canada Post Corporation is a Canadian postal service operated as a crown corporation. Canada Post was created to set a new direction for the postal service, creating more reliable service and ensuring the postal service's financial security and independence. Every business day, Canada Post provides service to 14 million addresses, delivering 40 million items. There are 6,800 post offices across the country, a combination of corporate offices and franchises which are operated by private retailers in conjunction with a host retail business, such as a drugstore. Canada Post delivers to a larger area than the postal service of any other nation, including Russia.

Canada Post is now providing private retailers its products and services and access to its processing and delivery network. In return, private retailers are offering to Canada Post their retailing expertise in an already existing host business and the capital investment needed to provide the service.

Special Note - Canada Post does not accept franchise inquiries. They scout areas of interest and approach businesses owners in that area.

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For more information on owning a Canada Post franchise, please visit the official Canada Post website here.

Franchising Tips and Facts

Canada Post franchises offer the franchisee a license or right to sell its goods or services and/or use its business techniques. The franchisees usually pay an initial fee to acquire this right, and thereafter pay a percentage of their gross sales to the franchisor throughout the term of their franchise contract. In return for these payments, Canada Post franchisees gain priveleges, including the right to sell a proven and recognized product or service, to use the franchisor's business practices, and to receive initial training and ongoing support.

In addition to the initial investment required for a Canada Post Franchise, you will also need money to sustain yourself, and the business, until it becomes cash positive. Remember, too, that projections may not be accurate. Market conditions can change and if it takes longer than originally anticipated for the new business to reach breakeven, you'd should have some emergency funds set aside, or it could mean the demise of an inherently sound business.

Investigate earnings claims. If a franchisor makes earnings claims, they are required to have in writing the facts upon which those estimates are based. A seller must tell you the number and percentage of owners that have actually met the claimed profit margins. Beware of broad and unsubstantiated claims.

When considering a Canada Post franchise, try to understand why they are offering you the business in the first place. Very often, franchising is an extremely quick low-risk method of expanding a successful business across the world. As a franchisee, you take on the majority of financial risk. In return the franchisor is offering a successful business formula that has been proven to work. But before you go ahead, ask yourself whether the support, training, stock, experience and brand name justifies the investment asked.

Please Note: Canada Post, and other franchise opportunities, business opportunities, businesses and franchises listed on this web site are not to be considered as an "offering," suggestion or approval by DailyFranchises.com. As always, we recommends seeking the advice of a lawyer, financial consultant or accountant before purchasing a franchise or business opportunity.
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